Babassu Oil for Better Skin and Hair

Babassu oil is steadily gaining popularity among fans of natural beauty products and health nuts alike. This clear, lightweight oil has moisturizing properties that rival coconut oil, olive oil, and many other essential oil options. With the promise of healing dry skin and improving the elasticity of skin, this oil is extracted from the nuts of Babassu palm trees in Brazil and is one-hundred percent all natural. The extraction process is very organic and occurs when the tree nuts have ripened and fallen to the ground. Local women then gather the nuts and break them open, finding inside the very nourishing oil that so many are adding to their beauty routine.

Babassu Kernel

Beauty products use small amounts of this oil because that is all anyone needs to feel the powerful moisturizing effects! For those who enjoy making their own products at home (like lotions, body butters, and facial creams, for example), they will find that Babassu oil lasts a very long time and works for a number of skin issues and problems. Itchy, flaking skin or even eczema can benefit from this oil. Many beauty experts also recommend adding a touch of this oil to your regular shampoo, conditioner, or body wash for an added boost of moisturizing properties. A little goes a very long way!

Babassu oil can also be applied directly to the skin as well. Because it’s so lightweight and airy, it does not leave skin feeling greasy. The oil leaves a wonderful cooling sensation on the skin as the moisture is soaked in by the body. Many conventional products that contains chemicals will only take away essential nutrients and vitamins from the skin, while Babassu oil simply adds more nourishment to your skin.

The same reasons why this oil is good for your skin, are the same reasons why it’s good for your hair. You can take a small amount and apply it directly to your hair. The oil will moisturize your scalp and reduce the chance of scalp irritation. You can also use it as a conditioner. Babassu oil has been proven to strengthen the hair and provide nourishment for healthier looking strands in all hair types.

The Best Brands

The following brands are excellent options for anyone looking to add Babassu oil to their daily routine:

1. Dr. Adorable

Dr Adorable Organic Babassu Oil

This one-hundred percent organic option features Babassu Oil in an easy to use bottle. The watery, oily consistency of this product makes it excellent for mixing with other beauty products or applying directly to the skin.

Specifically for either skin or hair, the options are very broad for how Dr. Adorable’s Babassu Oil can be used in your beauty routine. Itchy, dry skin of the scalp can be moisturized, and the hair will also benefit from this oil!
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2. Best Nature’s Cosmetics

Unrefined Babassu Oil

Best Nature’s Cosmetics Babassu oil is a refined oil that comes in a jar and has a similar texture to coconut oil. Light and nongreasy, this formula is enhanced with vitamins and minerals to really improve both the skin and hair. Itchy, dry, and inflamed skin with find this delicate moisturizer to be very healing. The cooling sensation is very pleasant and the effects over a consistent amount of time will see the skin looking more youthful and much healthier.

This product also claims to work against hair loss, protecting the scalp and hair follicles from further damage that can weaken skin.
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3. Organic Herbal Essence

Organic Herbal Essence Babassu Oil

This brand specifically aims to target the scalp, an area of skin that becomes dry and damaged very easily. Many people do not realize that poor scalp health can lead to damaged hair follicles and even hair loss. The Organic Herbal Essence brand does a great job with moisturizing the skin, helping with dry flakiness, and improving the appearance of the scalp and hair.

Many customers have found that mixing this product with their general shampoo and conditioner is extremely beneficial. You can go through your normal beauty routine and add the benefits of Babassu oil without forfeiting what makes you comfortable!
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4. Mystic Moments

Refined Babassu Oil

This certified organic product is an excellent option for both dry and oily skin. Believe it or not, oily skin also benefits from proper moisture. Babassu oil helps restore the natural balance of skin, providing the hydration skin needs without leaving it feeling greasy. Refined without any chemicals whatsoever, Mystic Moments’ Babassu oil can easily be added to other beauty products to improve their effectiveness.

Many have added this particular oil to bath water to create a moisturizing and soothing bath for dry skin! There are endless possibilities for using this fantastic product in your beauty routine.
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Babassu oil is becoming increasingly more popular in the health and wellness world. Beauty experts are strongly suggesting this product to anyone who wants to provide their skin with real, natural moisture without the drying chemical additives. This product is affordable, effective, and an excellent option for anyone who wants to improve their skin and hair.

Try adding Babassu oil to your beauty routine today and you won’t be disappointed with the great results!