Best Moroccan Oil

Moroccan oil seems to be nature’s gift to your hair, skin, and nails. It nourishes, heals, strengthens, and brightens, all without any harmful chemicals or questionable processes.

However, you can only get those benefits if you buy the real product. There are a lot of fakes out there, especially online. In this article we’ll review the three best brands that are truly authentic.


Top Brands

Ready to try some of the best quality Moroccan oils? Here are a few great options:

1. Kandala

Kandala Argan Oil

Kandala’s Moroccan oil is your best option for pure, 100% Moroccan argan oil. You will feel beautiful and become amazed at what this brand can do for your skin, hair and nails.

The four ounce bottle comes in under $20 and has an easy to use pump applicator included. This makes it easy to pump the oil directly into your hand for application wherever you need it. It also keeps the bottle nice and clean and oil-free.

The amber bottle keeps the oil from losing its potency, and Kandala has a great money-back guarantee if there is any reason you don’t like it. All of their oil is cold-pressed and it is also certified organic by the USDA.
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2. Shea Terra Organics

Shea Terra Organics Moroccan Argan Oil

Another great option is Shea Terra Organics Argan Oil. Like Kandala’s, this oil is exclusively cold-pressed and certified organic. Shea Terra sources their oils from only the areas in Morocco where the highest quality argan trees grow.

The oil is processed the traditional way in the Atlas Mountains, and Shea Terra Organics is committed to fair trade for their workers. Because of this, they only buy from a specific African co-op that is committed to the equality and care of their members.

This oil is not only one of the highest quality products available, but it’s from one of the highest quality businesses as well. The oil comes with either a pump top or dropper top.

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3. Saadia Organics

Saadia Organics Moroccan Oil

Your final choice is from Saadia Organics. This company specializes exclusively in Moroccan oil and provides some of the best in the world. All of their oil is handmade and shipped directly to the US and Canada without middlemen.

Saadia Organics Moroccan oil is a little pricier, but is discounted when you buy in greater quantities.

The oil is also ideal for mother and baby use. The oil can be used undiluted on a mother’s belly to prevent stretch marks, as well as on sore nursing nipples. It also makes a great diaper cream that can clear up and keep away any sore bottom out there.

Signs of Authenticity

So how do you know you’re getting the real stuff? And why does it matter?

Moroccan oil in its natural, undefiled state is incredibly high in unsaturated fat, squalene, vitamin E and sterols. These serve various individual functions, such as healing blemishes and reducing inflammation, but Moroccan oil’s best quality is that it is an incredibly fast-absorbing moisturizer that reduces signs of wear and aging, without any noticeable residue left on your skin or hair. This means that even though it’s an oil, it doesn’t feel greasy at all. It feels invisible, but it fixes everything.

It is important to pay attention and make sure to do your homework though before you shell out the money that Moroccan oil costs. If you buy right, you’re body is sure to thank you for it, but if you buy wrong, you won’t see the miracle results that you were looking for and you’ll already have paid for a fake.

Moroccan Oil

Here are a few tips for what to look for when you’re buying Moroccan oil:

First, Moroccan oil is made exclusively from the kernel of the argan fruit. Any pure argan oil should only have one ingredient: 100% argan oil. It is sometimes listed as argania spinosa kernel oil. There are many ways to process argan oil though, so you’re going to want to pay attention, even beyond the labeling.

Quality Moroccan oil should always be sold in an opaque bottle. This keeps UV light from degenerating the oil and sabotaging its unique properties. The oil itself should be a light yellow to an amber shade, hence its nickname, liquid gold, and it should have a faint, nutty aroma.

Many Moroccan oils are odorless, indicating that they have been chemically or mechanically deodorized. If you prefer the scent-free oil, there are plenty of products for you, but know that the deodorizing process does reduce some of Moroccan oil’s beneficial effects.

Finally, Moroccan oil should absorb almost instantly into your skin without leaving any residue. Anything that leaves a film or remainder on the surface of your skin is either not pure or not correctly processed, and it isn’t worth your time or money. Oil that doesn’t fulfill these requirements is either an imitation or is over-processed— probably through high heat methods. Although extracting the oil with heat or chemical solvents is cheaper, the only way to get really effective oil with all of its natural properties intact is to cold-press it.

Avoid food-grade oils as well. These can be slightly cheaper, but the kernels have been roasted before processing to bring out the flavor. This makes them very tasty but reduces their cosmetic value.

The final way to discern truly high quality Moroccan oil is to test it!

Moroccan oil is incredibly high in oleic and linoleic acid, as well as vitamin E. It moisturizes extremely well, without leaving that heavy, creamy feeling. In fact, Moroccan oil should always feel incredibly lightweight on your skin or hair, but should make a noticeable difference in the brightness and softness of both. Good quality Moroccan oil also never burns or causes itching when applied. Even on delicate skin, Moroccan oil should have a soothing, non-irritating effect.


Whichever oil you decide to try, each of the three products mentioned will deliver exceptional quality. Or if you have another option available, be sure to check it for the quality characteristics mentioned. It’s not worth spending a ton of money on a product that doesn’t work. But it is worth spending the money on a product that does work— and for so many different things! Better to choose wisely and get the results that you’ve been dreaming of.