Best Natural Body Scrub

Body scrubs are essential for keeping skin smooth and soft, but they also have many other positive effects on the body. The product is rubbed against the skin vigorously, massaging and exfoliating the top layer of skin. When the scrub is rinsed away the skin is left feeling very moisturized and much softer. Many people use body scrubs in the shower on the entire surface of their skin, while there are scrubs available specifically for certain areas of the body (the face, hands, feet, etc.). No matter where you use a body scrub, this powerful beauty product works wonders to fight dryness and to keep the skin looking vibrant all year long.


Why Use a Natural Brand?

Although body scrubs are a popular self-care product, it’s highly unfortunate that many brands are made with hazardous concoctions of chemicals. This amazing spa treatment in a jar is common in many households, and many companies make tons of money every year selling commercial body scrubs with bad ingredients. Body scrubs have been used for centuries, and thousands of years ago women from Egypt, Asia, and Europe used homemade scrubs created with natural ingredients easily found in the local area or home.

Because body scrubs have a long, rich history of being made with natural, organic ingredients, it doesn’t make much sense that they are now the exact opposite! The abrasive, exfoliating effect of body scrubs doesn’t seem very worthwhile when you realize you are scrubbing your skin with toxic chemicals.

All natural scrubs have the benefit of deep exfoliation combined with the health benefits of plant-based, earthy friendly substances. Because of this, your body will get added health paybacks that drugstore and department store body scrubs don’t often have. Many people with skin sensitivities or allergies will notice an immediate difference in the way they feel after switching to all natural beauty products as well.

Features of a Good Scrub

Body scrubs can contain a host of different ingredients and there are endless options out there. The key factor in making any scrub a successful product is exfoliants. The exfoliating properties of body scrubs are what smooths away dead skin cells and keep skin soft and well nourished. Many companies choose oatmeal, sugars, coffees, natural microbeads, or a number of textured ingredients that can safely be rubbed into the skin.

Scrubs are infused with moisturizing and skin healing ingredients like essential oils and essences that improve appearance over time. Sometimes scrubs may include butters like shea and cocoa butter, which provide a very rich lotiony feel to them.

Almost all natural body scrubs have the benefit of smelling absolutely fantastic because many natural ingredients are so safe that they are sometimes considered food! Coconut, almond, honey, cocoa, orange, berries, and many other types of food are often safely used on the skin for great effects.

How to Apply Your Scrub

All natural body scrubs are used the same way that more conventional brands are used.

Best implemented in the shower, body scrubs should be applied to warm, wet skin and then rubbed firmly. Pressing too hard into the skin can result in damaged skin so a gentler approach is considered best. Scrubs should never feel painful, and in fact are quite pleasant when applied for most men and women.

The scrub should be washed away after being applied, and then the skin should be patted dry with a microfiber towel. Many find that applying lotion after using a scrub isn’t always necessary. Body scrubs do not need to be applied daily, although certain types and brands are gentle enough for daily use (if specified).

Top Brands

Finding all natural body scrubs is simple! They are affordably priced and sold at most places. The key to finding the right scrub is to check the ingredients label. If any of the words seem a little suspicious, then it probably better to find another brand.

The following all natural body scrubs are excellent options for anyone trying to live a more natural lifestyle:

1. Art Naturals Organic Arabica Coffee Scrub

Art Naturals Coffee Scrub

Coffee has more health benefits than keeping you awake and supplying your body with caffeine— it has also been known to work efficiently in a number of beauty and healthcare products. Art Natural’s body scrub combines the rejuvenating power of ground coffee beans with dead sea salts to produce a powerful exfoliant that can actually help with cellulite, a problem almost everyone struggles with.

The coffee works to tighten skin, reducing cellulite and other problematic areas. The aroma is delicious and perfect for coffee lovers or anyone who needs a wake-up call in the shower! Dead sea salts provide the nourishing and exfoliating qualities that help skin stay moisturized and soft.
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2. Bee Naturals Honey Sugar Body Scrub

Bee Naturals Honey Sugar Scrub

The relaxing and skin brightening power of honey makes this sugar body scrub a winner. Honey is naturally antibacterial and full of healthy antioxidants that the skin drinks up. Because this natural sweetener is very soothing, it makes for a gentle scrub that isn’t too harsh or overpowering for sensitive skin. Honey also stimulates circulation, which keeps skin from becoming dry, damaged, and dull. With consistent use, this scrub has powerful healing qualities that can vastly improve the appearance of skin.

Also present in Bee Naturals Honey Sugar Body Scrub is a number of essential oils that are extremely nourishing for the skin, such as: jojoba, sunflower, rosemary, and other oils that work together for the benefit of your body. Jojoba oil is very similar to the oil your skin already produces, thus making it extremely safe for the surface of your skin. Sunflower oil is often used for sensitive skin, and has been recommended for use on toddlers and babies because it’s so gentle when applied to dry skin. Rosemary has been used on the skin for decades by women who want a firmer, more youthful appearance.

This combination of moisturizing and nourishing oils works extremely well.
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3. Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub, Almond and Honey

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub

Here is another all natural body scrub that contains gentle, soothing honey as a main ingredient. Honey works on all skins types and has been used for centuries in beauty rituals, dating back to ancient cultures. Honey has also been used to heal wounds and for medicinal purposes as well as being a wonderful natural sweetener.

This multi-purpose treatment works wonders when applied to the skin. When combined with ultra-nourishing shea butter, Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub is a winner for anyone with sensitive skin that needs exfoliation and nourishment.

Several natural oils are implemented in this product, making it extremely beneficial as a scrub. Sweet almond oil, known to improve the complexion, and evening primrose, highly coveted as an anti-aging secret weapon, are both in this scrub. Orange oil is an ingredient as well, and has been known to bright the skin tone drastically with consistent use.

This scrub seems to have all of the bases covered and then some, with several ingredients that are recommended by professionals to improve the look and feel of skin.
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4. Majestic Pure Himalayan Salt Scrub

Majestic Pure Himalayan Scrub

Himalayan salts are rich in minerals that have an amazing effect on the skin, making this all natural scrub an excellent option for anyone looking to improve their skin vitality. The salts are perfect exfoliants for rubbing away dead skin, and are a vast improvement over chemical laden alternatives that strip the skin of oils and nutrients. After the sea salts remove the skin cells, a recipe of Vitamin E, sweet almond, and jojoba oils work to improve the look and feel of skin. All of these oils have the ability to make skin less damaged, reversing the effects of age. After using this product the skin is soft and feels completely renewed.

Majestic Pure Himalayan Salt Scrub is one of the best brands on the market. This pure body scrub is made of high quality Himalayan pink salt along with some extra extra ingredients such as aloe vera and Lychee fruit Essential Oil. The result is a complete detoxifying scrub that will invigorate your body.
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All natural body scrubs provide a very safe way to exfoliate skin and keep it smooth. There are a number of excellent options available for anyone looking to add body scrubs to their beauty routine.

These products are just a few great examples of how aiming for a more natural lifestyle is both easy and affordable. You can’t go wrong with giving your skin the proper care it deserves! Choose all natural body scrubs and you will be amazed at how well they work.