Best Natural Facial Toner

Facial toner is a skincare product that is beneficial for all skin types. Toner is specifically designed to balance the pH of skin, which keeps skin from becoming either too dry or too oily– and most people have skin that falls into one of those two categories! Using a toner during your typical skincare routine can actually improve the effectiveness of other products as well. Although toner can be a great solution to problematic skin issues, many companies do select beneficial ingredients for their toner. In fact, many drugstore and department store brand toners do more harm than good.

A natural toner comes without the harsh alcohols, unnecessary added fragrances (which are usually artificial), and many other hazardous chemicals. You can still get the benefits of balanced skin without the unwanted side effects and unnatural concoctions that beauty marketers are trying to sell you.

How can a toner be worthwhile without the harsh ingredients? Well, it’s simple! Natural ingredients work the same way that many manufactured chemicals do, but they are more gentle on your skin. Instead of the typically used chemical laden alcohols, you’ll find apple cider vinegar, essential oils, and essences of plants. When you compare these options side by side, it’s quite clear that all natural ingredients are the way to go.

All natural facial toners work best when applied directly after washing the face, because that is when the skin is most cleansed. Many companies package their products in easy-to-use spray bottles, but most beauty experts agree that wiping the toner onto the face is the superior option. This encourages a more even application. Toner can even remove the residual make-up or cleanser that is often left behind after washing your face. The key to finding the right toner is choosing a product that doesn’t leave the skin feeling “tight,” but instead leaves skin feeling well hydrated, balanced, and clean.

The Top Brands

Natural toners without alcohols are not difficult to find whatsoever and are often affordably priced. Although there is a wide market for this skincare secret weapon, the following products are all great options for anyone looking to try an all-natural toner. With none of the fake ingredients found in unnatural beauty products, these toners rise above the rest and will leave the skin feeling healthy and perfectly fresh.

Take a look for yourself at these great options:

1. Orange Blossom Water Toner

Orange Blossom Water Toner

This all natural facial toner contains floral water from the Mediterranean, specifically orange blossom water. This special flower has been used in Moroccan beauty rituals and has a host of health benefits for the skin. Beyond the intoxicating fragrance of this flower, orange flower water is known to be extremely gentle making it perfect for facial skin.

The Orange Blossom Water Toner is specifically an excellent option for those with oily or acne prone skin types. The only ingredient present is distilled orange blossom, making this option perfect for a number of skin types. There are no concoctions of chemicals here, only pure plant extract and clean water.

Orange blossom has also been proven to minimize pores, reduce inflammation, and heal scarring. The natural acidity levels are much more effective than alcohol, which strips the skin of essential oils and nutriments it needs. Those who struggle with sensitive skin will find the orange blossom water gentle, healing, and very nourishing. There is no need to pile on excessive amounts of this product because a little goes a long way. Over time this toner can improve the skin, making it look cleaner and brighter than it was before.
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2. Christina Moss Naturals

Christina Moss Facial Toner

This organic and one-hundred percent all natural facial toner is an excellent option as well. Made in the USA with care, this is a product that any consumer would feel safe adding into their skincare routine. With the main ingredient of organic aloe vera, a product so naturally healing it can actually cure burns, this toner’s main focus is gentleness and effectiveness.

Other ingredients include organic witch hazel extract and organic green tea extract. Green tea in particular is a powerful antioxidant which can overpower impurities with ease, while fighting collagen degradation that wears skin elasticity down over time. Although this toner encourages firmer skin, it will not dry skin out thanks to that handy aloe vera. Many people use this toner to help moisturize skin, because it balances the pH levels to alleviate dryness that affects the skin.

The Christina Moss toner also gently exfoliates the skin, ensuring that any leftover make-up or residue is easily wiped away. Many people think their facial wash alone will do the trick, but adding a toner like this product is the best way to ensure that your facial skin is completely clean.
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3. InstaNatural Vitamin C Facial Toner

Vitamin C Facial Toner

Vitamin C is an excellent main ingredient to find in a facial toner. Found in many citrus fruits, this vitamin clears away fine lines, dark circles, and the negative effects that stress can have on skin. Yes, stress can wear down the skin in many ways. Vitamin C is a powerful tool in combating the effects of daily life that result in duller, less healthy looking facial skin. Over time, consistent use of this toner can cause some amazing changes for any skin type. A pump is inserted into the bottle for ease of use.

Also present in this all natural facial toner is witch hazel, an astringent that purifies oily skin and tightens pores without drying skin out. Injured skin can be made new with InstaNatural’s Vitamin C facial toner, which fights free-radical and UV related damage as well. The pH balance is restored over time, so skin becomes neutral. Inflammation, excess oil, and other problematic skin issues are resolved thanks to a combination of natural ingredients that are beneficial for facial skin.

Witch hazel is an excellent option for any skin type, and is a completely natural option. Damaging alcohols, which are present in many drugstore brand toners, are the norm despite witch hazel being a very natural astringent that gets the job done.
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4. TruSkin Naturals

TruSkin Naturals Toner

TruSkin Naturals toner is gentle enough to be used daily, but effective enough to show good results. With a healthy combination of amino acids, Vitamin C, and all natural plant extracts, this toner has anti-aging properties that make it perfect for dull and dry skin. A deep ocean mineral complex provides nourishing moisture and nourishment that can soothe the skin, resulting in better texture and tone.

Many customers claim this all natural facial toner smooths and hydrates skin with a refreshing moisturizing quality. This product does not dry skin out, but the natural astringent qualities of witch hazel help minimize pores and clear acne up as well.

Many different skin types have benefited from adding this daily toner into their skincare routines. Consistently using this toner over a period of time leads to brighter, clearer skin that looks genuinely youthful.
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It’s clear that all natural facial toner is the way to go for better skin. These products, made with natural ingredients, can change the way skin looks and feels with consistent use. Made to only add healthful benefits to the skin, organic toners do not strip skin of natural oils that are necessary for optimum health.

These products are the perfect addition to a skincare routine that needs an overhaul. If you’re looking for something new to make your skin improve and look more youthful, then try one of these all natural facial toners listed here. You won’t be disappointed with how amazing your skin will look looks afterwards.