Best Natural Foundation

A flawless face starts with a perfect foundation. But in an endless battle for smooth and perfect skin, we must be wary of what we spread on our delicate pores. What chemicals could we be passing along to our bloodstream?

Many conventional makeup lines contain phthalates, lead, parabens, formaldehyde, and other toxic additives and preservatives. Sometimes these substances are clearly listed on the label, and other times they are hidden under vague terms such as ‘fragrance’. Many of these ingredients react badly with our bodies.

Most commonly, they are hormone disruptors that upset the delicate balance of natural chemicals that our bodies use to communicate internally. Some of them contain nanoparticles of heavy metals that strain our kidneys and liver and slowly poison our bodies. Others are neurotoxins that interfere with our bodies electrical function and damage miniscule nerve cells. Obviously these are not things that you want in your body. So who is making sure you’re not consuming them?

The truth is there is no requirement for cosmetic companies to test their products for safety or to exclude ingredients that are known to be harmful. This means that the only one making sure your beauty products are safe, carcinogen-free and poison-free, is you!

Does that mean that you have to forgo the regular makeup that makes you look and feel good? Of course not. You just have to be smart with your choices.

The first step in maintaining a beautiful complexion is your actual skin. We’ve written extensively on the best face creams to use, plus tips on using natural nutrients like Vitamin C and E to fade age spots and reduce wrinkles. The next step is for when you’re ready to put on the finished polish. Makeup is great for either daytime togetherness or nighttime drama, and foundation is where it all begins. When you shop for foundation, you want to look for one that is free from any of the toxic chemicals listed above, one that provides full coverage, a range of shades, and something that will reduce the appearance of pore size and have a natural effect.

That may seem like a tall order for a chemical free product, but there’s some great stuff out there.

Top Brands

Here are the best choices:

1. NU Evolution

NU Evolution Complete Coverage Foundation

If you still haven’t found your match, perhaps NU Evolution will do the trick. They have a Complete Coverage Foundation, a Loose Powder Foundation, and a Pressed Powder Foundation, all of which are excellent.

All of their products are free of parabens, propylene glycol, sulfites/sulfates, artificial dyes, artificial fragrances, formaldehyde, talc, phenoxyethanol, bismuth oxychloride, phthalates, triclosan, bht, petroleum, dimethicone, mineral oil and gluten. How can you go wrong with that?

Each foundation is great on its own, and the liquid and pressed powder can be layered for maximum coverage and effect. The pressed or loose powders are also great for acne prone skin, as the light powder won’t cling or cake to blemishes. To top it all off, this product is made in America and cruelty-free.
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2. Ilia Beauty

Ilia Beauty Vivid Foundation

This smooth, liquid foundation is a great choice for natural beauty. The soft cream is made from a water and coconut oil base, and it also boasts a variety of skin-pleasing plant extracts. Included are rosehip oil, jasmine leaf, lavender oil, clove and grape extract, and orange and cranberry oil. The blend also includes a tree resin from Greece with anti-bacterial and pore reducing properties.

Not only does this foundation provide great coverage that looks flawless, but its nutrients work to keep your skin happy underneath all day long.

Ilia’s Vivid Foundation comes in nine different tone-flattering shades and an easy to use pump bottle. This is a great product that will leave your skin looking even, healthy and moisturized. It is vegan and gluten free.
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3. Alima Pure

Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation

Alima Pure is another great natural brand that provides flawless coverage with a danger-free recipe. They have two different foundation lines: Liquid Silk Foundation and Satin Matte Foundation. The first is obviously a liquid and the second is a powder. You can use them separately, or top the Liquid Silk with the Satin Matte for an intensely even appearance.

The Liquid Silk Foundation comes in ten perfect shades that are divided in half- five shades for yellow undertones and five shades for pink. Each shade also has a matching concealer. The 1.01 oz. bottle holds a blend that is made in Italy and can easily be used subtly for every day use, or by building multiple layers for a more stunning effect.

Their Satin Matte Foundation is equally versatile and comes in even more skin tones: an impressive 45 shades. In this line, there truly is a perfect match for every person. The award-winning blend provides varied coverage and adjusts well to different types of skin.


So whatever powder or liquid you try, isn’t it nice to know that you can get full, beautiful coverage without compromising your skin or the body it protects? Natural products are just as good as synthetics, if not better nowadays. There’s no reason not to toss the poison and use something better.