Best Natural Stain Removers

Nothing is more upsetting than seeing a stain on your brand new sweater, freshly shampooed carpet, or favorite quilt. It goes without saying that no one particularly enjoys stains. However, with the joys of children and pets (or sometimes just our own clumsiness) stains are a part of day-to-day life for most people. Fortunately there are natural stain removers available to safely remove stains.


The Problem with Conventional Stain Removers

Stain removers are readily available on the market and can make these unsightly marks vanish with ease. The big problem is that many store bought brands contain hazardous chemicals that seep into the fabrics of our homes completely unnoticed. These chemicals are so deadly that many products have warning labels for pet owners, encouraging them to avoid spraying in areas of the home where pets may be present.

The sound of such harsh chemicals being sprayed directly onto beds, floors, and clothes doesn’t sound very good, does it? Well, fortunately for those of us who deal with stains, there are a host of all natural stain remover products out there— and they work. In fact, these cleaners (which are often plant based) do not have the same chemical smell that other cleaners do, making them not only effective on stains, but easier on the nose as well! Those who struggle with allergies or sensitivities will find that all natural cleaners make life much easier. No more rashes or scratching, because once you discover an organic stain remover, many of these issues can improve with time!

Why Choose Natural Stain Removers

Many people do not realize that all natural cleaning products exist and are easy to find. As the world moves toward a more natural approach, you can find the word “organic” on the cover of many food items in the grocery store. Clothing made from natural fibers has become the norm as well. But it’s unfortunate that, despite the growth of environmental consciousness, many people overlook the importance of choosing household cleaners that are not harmful to their families! The toxins present in cleaners leave residue behind that is irritating and sometimes even fatal to household pets and children, not to mention adults with chemical sensitivities and allergies.

Packed with natural ingredients that are powerfully cleansing, all natural stain removers are not deadly, toxic, and unsafe for a household. In fact, many of these cleaners provide health benefits to those living in the home! There is no need for a chemically dangerous stain remover when there are safer options out there. Created from plant-based products, these cleaners are not more expensive than conventional options and are just as easy to use.

All natural stain removers are used similarly to unnatural versions. Typically sold in spray bottles or sometimes roll-on sticks, these easy to use cleaners are applied directly to stains. After a five minute wait, in which the stain fighting enzymes do their magic, warm water can be applied to remove the stain (clothes can be thrown in the washer). Many people are amazed at how effective natural enzymes are in cleaning away stains! This shouldn’t be too surprising, because nature is filled with a variety of plants that work wonders. Fortunately the household and cleaning industry is finally starting to take some notice.

Top Brands

No one has to live without the amazing power of stain removers! Almost every household should own a stain remover for life’s accidents, as it can save many an outfit or sofa cushion. Fortunately there is an all-natural alternative to many chemical laden cleaners out there. This makes daily life easier for anyone who is trying to live a more natural lifestyle.

Here are a few of the best all-natural brands on the market, all excellent options for keeping the home safe and clean.

1. Puracy

Puracy Natural Stain Remover

This one-hundred percent all natural stain remover is extremely effective and has none of the harsh chemicals found in other cleaning products. Made with all six plant-based enzymes (compared to most competitors which only use three), Puracy stain remover fights the stain thoroughly while leaving no trace of residue behind.

Customers have tried this product on everything from grass stains to blood, and found with proper use that the stains were wiped away and the fabric itself was not harmed. Comparable chemical laden stain removers can wear at fabric, resulting in pilling, fading, and sometimes even damage– but this cleaner is completely mild so fabrics last longer.

Puracy encourages customers to think of stains as the lock and enzymes as the key to opening that lock. This means that stains can only be removed with the plant-based enzymes present in this formula. Designed to be vegan, gluten free, and hypoallergenic, this brand works wonders while remaining safer than conventional brands. A lack of harsh chemicals does not make this product unreliable whatsoever!

The Puracy brand is also an excellent option because donations are made to less fortunate families with every sale. Now this is a purchase anyone can feel good about!
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2. Ecover

Ecover Natural Stain Remover

Ecover stain remover offers a highly affordable plant-based option that is both all natural and highly effective. Created with a convenient built in brush, this product gently removes stains without damaging fabrics. Even the packaging is made with recycled products, ensuring that everything about this stain remover is completely natural and environmentally friendly.

With water, vegetable soap, and natural acids and salts derived from sugar, Ecover has no unpronounceable ingredients. Nothing intimidating or scary is in a bottle of Ecover stain remover, and that is a great reason to consider this option for your home.

Many customers have had great success using this product on difficult stains, like grease, mud, and grass stains. Although these types of spots and marks are typically a nightmare to get out, this brand does the trick! Simply use the attached brush to apply the cleaner and then wait. When you wipe away the solution, the stain will be easily removed! Just like that your clothes (or whatever else you need cleaned) will be spotless and good as new.
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3. Buncha Farmers

Buncha Farmers Natural Stain Remover

This all natural stain remover stick might look different than the typical spray bottle, but that doesn’t mean it has no effect on stains! Quite the contrary, Buncha Farmers has tested this cleaning product on everything from ketchup to red wine, and it worked every time.

The bar shape of this product makes it perfect for accurately and easily applying to stains, without wasting any product. The formula is long lasting as a result! Even better, this bar is not made from chemical concoctions formed in a lab! It’s made with only the safest and gentlest options around.

Buncha Farmers stain remover contains litsea, a plant-based cleaner that is non-toxic and cuts through residue without harming fabrics. Litsea is derived from a pepper like berry from an evergreen shrub and has an invigorating aroma. It smells quite good and can actually ease anxiety and stress in many people. Imagine cleaning your home with something known to relieve anxiousness— doesn’t that sound like the perfect solution for the stress of daily life? Many people think so, and litsea essential oils are often marketed in aromatherapy, not just cleaning the carpet.

Who could go wrong with a product that combines the Zen healing of essential oils with the power of stain fighting enzymes?
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4. Enzyme Cleaner Concentrate

Enzyme Cleaner Concentrate

This powerful cleaner has complete odor elimination, proving that you don’t need any chemicals to make the home smell great. Because a little of the solution goes a long way, this cleaner lasts a long time. When you combine a natural lifestyle with affordable living you get an excellent combination for any household.

Many people are unaware that chemicals are the number one cause of health problems in the home. According to Life Miracle USA, the makers of this stain remover, the EPA estimates that 33% of Americans have chemical sensitivities. This means that it’s highly likely someone in your family would benefit greatly from an all-natural solution like the Enzyme Cleaner Concentrate, or any all natural brand that doesn’t have harsh chemicals. Thanks to more readily available natural ingredients, it isn’t difficult to make the switch to something like this particular cleaner, which uses proprietary multi-enzymes. These enzymes absorb not only the stain residue, but odor causing particles that can be extremely unpleasant.

Enzyme Cleaner Concentrate is multi-purpose, making it suitable for surfaces beyond fabrics like carpet and clothes. Even wood, tile, granite, grout, decks, and many other surfaces can benefit from this cleaner!
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All natural stain removers are out there and they work just as well (and overall even better) than chemical laden cleaners. They are affordable, easy to find, and effective, so they are an excellent option for any household.

If you want to make your household a greener, more natural place for your family, then using one of these products is the perfect choice for you.