Best Organic Lipstick

Lipstick is one of the most powerful pieces in a woman’s cosmetic arsenal. A natural shade makes a woman feel put together and ready for her day. A bold shade is the power tie of the woman’s world, both at work and in play. Whether stunning or subtle, lipstick is important.


The Problems with Conventional Lipstick

Because it’s so important, it is frustrating to discover that many conventional lipsticks are not all that good for you! Of particular concern is the extensive use of toxic lead in lipstick. Our skin is adept at absorbing whatever is on it already. In fact, the sensitive skin of our lips absorbs about 80% of whatever we put on it. To make matters worse, even though we try to avoid it, lipstick inevitably gets into our mouths and ends up in our stomachs.

There is no clearer case of the importance of clean cosmetics than in lipstick. Unfortunately, even lipsticks that have removed the lead factor are still comprised of all sorts of chemicals. They are loaded with petroleum-based oils, synthetic fragrances and unnaturally derived moisturizers. So now we are left with a choice between looking gorgeous or not eating poison: An annoying choice to have to make.

Luckily, there is a way out of that choice.

There are an increasing number of fantastic natural lipsticks that not only look great, but are natural as well. These companies shed the notion that you have to compromise health for beauty, and are committed to making organic cosmetics competitive with synthetic ones.

What to Look for in a Brand

Before choosing an organic lipstick brand, it is important to pay attention to certain characteristics. First, many organic ‘lipsticks’ are not true lipsticks at all. They are really tinted lip-glosses. They can be very sheer which, as most people would agree, does not truly constitute a ‘lipstick’. Although the trend toward organic lip products being sheer does seem to be common, this appears to be an unnecessary compromise. It is possible to get full coverage from an organic product.

Another consideration when shopping for organic lipstick is color. Lipstick color should be beautiful! Whether it is mellow or bold, the purpose of a lipstick is to look good.

A lot of companies have added organic and natural options to existing makeup lines. These additions are often very good products. However, because they are not the main focus of the company, they are limited to either a single option or a select few shades.

If you only wear one signature shade and you find it in a mainstream company, congratulations! However, if you prefer to mix it up with your lip color or don’t like the way any of those shades work for your complexion, then you could spend a long time searching through the limited organic options given by those brands. Your best option is to find a company that specializes exclusively in worry-free cosmetics. Don’t worry— it’s not hard. There are entire lines of organic lipsticks that cover the spectrum in both shade and wear-ability.

Top Brands

Here we take a look at the two top brands on the market. These brands are expensive, but they are far superior to any conventional brand.

1. Vapour Organic Beauty

Vapour Organic Beauty Lipstick

Vapour Organic Beauty’s Siren Lipstick line boasts an impressive 26 shades, so anyone can find their color. They are 100% natural, 70% organic ingredients and 30% minerals and essential oils. They are a cruelty-free company that is committed to sustainable energy and they exclusively use wind-power to generate their lipsticks. All of their packaging is recyclable and their product is non-irradiated.

Vapour Organic Beauty has a whole line of lip products that can be used together, including conditioner, stick highlighter, lipstick and gloss. It does need multiple applications and blots for a truly opaque color, but the versatility of multiple shades is incredibly popular. The Siren lipsticks go on best if left to rest for a moment on the lips. The warming effect results in a smooth, effortless application.

The organic castor seed oil base instantly hydrates lips, while organic beeswax provides substance and stability. Mica provides shine and a plethora of natural plant extracts create the wide variety of colors. Each lipstick is also infused with extra Vitamin E for a nourishing experience that keeps your lips healthy and protected from the elements. Pomegranate and rose are their signature botanicals and part of their infusion is wild-crafted.

Vapour Organic Beauty’s Siren Lipstick has a stylish, narrow applicator and you have to pay attention when you put the cap back on because the lipstick doesn’t retract under the sheath until you’ve used a fair amount of it. But this minor inconvenience that hasn’t stopped the thousands of people who think Vapour Organic Beauty is the best natural lipstick for sale.
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2. Nūdus

Nudus Organic Lipstick

Look no further for your perfect, chemical free lip satisfaction. Nūdus is an Australian company that specializes exclusively in the highest quality organic lipstick. They are committed to the belief that health and beauty are not at all incompatible! In fact, the two should go hand in hand.

All of their ingredients are Australian certified organic, food grade materials that are not only ‘not bad’ for your body… they are actually formulated to be good for your body! They include superfoods, antioxidants, and six different vitamins that absorb into your skin for a radiant and youthful smile.

Their colors all come from beneficial sources based on traditional ayurvedic Indian medicine. These include extracts from flowers, fruits, herbs, and minerals such as turmeric and holy basil, as well as naturally cold-pressed oils. Because of the manner of processing, these various oils retain their beneficial fatty acids and unique anti-aging properties even after they are included in the formula. This way, they serve to heal and repair not only your lips, but your whole body as well.

To top it all off, this lipstick line is all crafted by hand. By hand! The lipsticks are made in small batches in Sydney, Australia, without the use of machinery or any chemical processing. This means that the makers are able to maintain a high degree of quality control and attention to their product, guaranteeing that what you get is the best that there is.

The important question for an organic lipstick is not just if the ingredients have credentials, which in this case they certainly do. But does the lipstick actually work? Is it as good as the chemically-laden synthetic varieties?

The answer for Nūdus’ lipsticks is: Yes. It works wonders.

Comprised of a perfectly blended mix of waxes, oils, and pigments, it feels wonderful and looks beautiful. It gives full, complete coverage without needing endless applications like a gloss or a tint does. It is a properly opaque lipstick. It is also smooth and satisfying. The moisturizers absorb nicely into your lips, making them feel smooth and healthy. Vitamin E and amino acids actually promote healing and keep your lips feeling nourished and full.

The Nūdus 27 Kisses line comes in 10 shades, from classic pinks to unique bronzes. When it comes to lipstick, not everyone wears the same shade, and not every shade looks the same on each person. This is a brand where each color has an impressive ability to adapt to different complexions and lights. While there truly is a shade for every style and complexion, each of these feels very adaptable and resonant to the person. The colors stand out as slightly different from the typical shades and that slight variation is incredibly flattering and eye-catching. If, however, you can’t find your shade in Nūdus, there are other options as well.


So what are you waiting for? Organic lipstick is functional, ethical, and affordable! Grab that ravishing red or rosy hue and choose worry free beauty. Don’t fret about what your body is absorbing because, with these brands, it’s all good for you! You can look beautiful and be safe at the same time.