Best Snail Cream

If you have never considered or even heard of using snail secretions on any part of your body, it might be time to reconsider. Snail creams, or creams made with the secretions of a snail, are the latest craze to hit the beauty product market. New research has been done to figure out what exactly the purpose of snail excretion is, and how it works. It turns out that the slime is used by snails to protect themselves, similar to how your own skin excretes oils and dead skin cells to protect itself.

Snail secretion is full of nutrients that are beneficial to human skin, and many of them are already produced by the human body. Snail excretion contains hyaluronic acid, trace elements such as copper, iron, and zinc, copper peptides, and it also helps to stimulate collagen and elastin production.

Snail cream is something that you could use in addition to a regular day cream, or even in place of. It can be used in the morning as a moisturizer, under daily makeup, or at night before bed to allow the snail mucin to work while you sleep. The texture of the snail secretion might take a little getting used to at first, but most creams combine the snail mucus with other healthy ingredients so you don’t really notice the texture.

1. Dr. Organic

Dr Organic Snail Gel

This brand uses regular snail excretion combined with Helix Aspersa Muller, which is a different secretion used by snails to help repair its skin and regenerate its own shell if it ever gets damaged. This unique ingredient will support your skin’s own revitalization.

Free from harsh preservatives and parabens, it’s also free of sulfates such as Sodium Laurel Sulfate as well as artificial colors and fragrances. Instead, this gel has hydrating bioactive ingredients and light citrus ingredients such as lime oil and lemongrass oil. It also contains the ultra-moisturizing aloe vera leaf juice. The gel-like texture is very soothing and cooling, perfect for inflamed or irritated skin.

If your skin is prone to itchiness, redness, dryness, or just general irritation, then try using Dr. Organic snail gel at night before bed to allow the moisture and magic of snail mucin to go to work while you sleep. The results are not something that you will notice immediately overnight, but with regular use you will see improved skin texture and clarity as well as a reduction in the signs of damaged skin such as age spots, acne, or discoloration.
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2. Benton

Benton Snail Cream

If you were skeptical about putting snail excretion on your face, then you may be even more surprised to learn that this next cream actually contains bee venom. The bee venom works to heal your acne and improve skin damage, because it has natural anti-inflammatory properties.

Benton snail cream is perfect for people who suffer from acne and other skin conditions, because the natural anti bacterial and antiviral properties of the bee venom will help prevent breakouts from occurring. And the snail mucin will restore and replenish the natural moisture found in your skin.

This cream is not greasy at all, and has a gel quality that is perfect for sensitive skin. You might think that bee venom would be toxic or harsh on your skin, but in fact bee venom is a powerful combination of peptides, amino acids, and enzymes, and they help to plump the skin and increase collagen production as well as blood flow. Since you are not actually getting stung, however, it does not hurt you (or the bees!). However if you have any allergy to bee stings then it’s probably best to stay away from this particular product and stick to the pure snail creams.

This cream is also free of parabens, alcohols, artificial fragrances, artificial dyes, and artificial preservatives. Some of the natural ingredients include safflower seed oil, Vitamin E, and moringa seed oil.
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If you are interested in experiencing the latest Asian beauty secrets to a healthy, youthful complexion, then consider giving snail cream or snail gel a try. We recommend Dr. Organic snail gel.

If you are worried about the life and health of the snails, then don’t worry. Most manufacturers simply irritate the snails enough to cause them to produce the mucus, and they then collect the secretions for filtering and purification. The snails do not have to die and instead can continue to produce their healthy slime!

Beauty product manufacturers are increasingly turning back to nature for new ideas about how to achieve healthy and beautiful results. Harnessing the power of snail secretions is just one more amazing breakthrough in the new research that is taking place.