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Nurture My Body
Organic Baby
Shampoo & Body
Nurture My Body Fragrance Free Organic Baby-Shampoo8 oz.$$$$The fragrance-free formula is great for babies with sensitive skin. Made with certified organic, rich ingredients for scalp and skin.5
Baby Ganics Baby LotionBaby Ganics Baby Lotion17 oz. (pack of 2)$Nontoxic, made with plant based agents. The special formula protects mucosal tissue, keeps skin moist, and makes bath time fun for babies. 4.5
Dr. Bronner's Baby SoapDr. Bronner's Baby Soap5 oz. (pack of 3)$$$Mild and gentle, this soap is perfect for babies. 4.5
Puracy Baby ShampooPuracy Baby Shampoo16 oz. (pack of 2)$Developed by doctors, this shampoo is gentle, nourishing, and smells great. 4.5
Baby Banana Brush and Tooth GelBaby Ganics Baby Lotion4 oz. $$$This is the most effective training tool for teaching your child how to brush. This gel is fluoride free and safe to swallow. 4.5
Burt’s Bees Baby
Bee Bubble Bath
Burts Bees Baby Bubble Bath12 oz. (pack of 3)$Pediatrician tested, this tear-free formula bathes baby gently, without irritation. 100% natural fragrance.4

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