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ProductSizePriceDescriptionRating / 5
Thera Breath Oral RinseThera Breath Oral Rinse16 oz. (pack of 2)$$This brand is clinically proven to last over 12 hours. It eliminates all types of bad breath and also stops dry mouth.5
Nature's Answer MouthwashNature's Answer Mouthwash16 oz.$$$An affordable mouthwash, this brand is formulated with coq10 to give you long lasting and effective results. 4.5
Dessert Essence Tea Tree Oil MouthwashDessert Essence Tea Tree Oil Mouthwash16 oz.$$$A well-rounded mouthwash that will refresh your mouth while also reducing plaque buildup. It has a nice, minty taste.4.5
PerioClear Organic MouthwashPerioClear Organic  Mouthwash16 oz.$$$$This organic mouthwash features a variety of natural herbs and helpful ingredients that will leave your breath feeling fresh throughout the day. 4.5

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