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Exfoliating Skin Brush

How to Exfoliate Your Face

A good skin care routine can make you feel like you’ve had a holiday weekend at the spa. But if your personal system isn’t delivering the results that you need, what could have been a soothing part of your day and week is, instead, a frustrating struggle that you dread having to do. One of […]

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The Chemical Structure of Phthalates

The Dangers of Phthalates

Many natural and organic products boldly and proudly declare themselves to be phthalate-free. They clearly intend for consumers to see this as a positive and an important reason for their product to be the top choice. But what is a ‘phthalate’ and should we really care whether a product has them or not? What are […]

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Best Foods for Skin

Do you have skin issues? If so, then it’s probably from to a poor diet. The foods you eat can make a dramatic impact on your skin. If you are not eating well then your appearance will suffer, and you certainly don’t want that. We’ll tell you the best foods to eat in order to […]

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Formeldehyde in Beauty Products

Where Is Formaldehyde Found?

Formaldehyde isn’t something that we like to think we have contact with on a daily basis. The word hearkens us back to high school science class, but the reality is that formaldehyde is pervasive in beauty products. This seems surprising until we realize that formaldehyde is a powerful preservative and those creams and lotions we […]

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Frizzy Hair

How to Tame Frizzy Hair

It may sound crazy, but the real reason you have frizzy hair is because it’s dry and desperately seeking moisture. You may have noticed that your hair becomes exceptionally frizzy when it’s humid and there is moisture in the air. This is because your hair is actually expanding and swelling to try to reach and […]

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Formaldehyde and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

We’ve been asked a lot recently about cancer and SLS and while we have written on this topic and firmly hold the view that “there is no documented proof whatsoever of a link between SLS and Cancer” the question is still asked quite often. We think it comes down to two factors: People distrust what […]

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SLS and Cancer

SLS and Cancer

One of the great talking points when it comes to health is how certain consumer products can directly or indirectly lead to the development of cancer. Some of these products may be edible, like diet sodas, while some are practical, such as Teflon coatings on cooking pans and pots. The promotion and rebuttal of these types […]

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Essential Oils

Best Essential Oils for Perfume

Everyone likes to smell nice. It feels good to be fresh and clean and lightly scented with something pleasant. Unfortunately, commercial perfumes and scented beauty products can be a major source of unhealthy chemical influx into your body. Essential oils can be used as standalone perfumes or you can mix them to create your own […]

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Tanning on the Beach

Best Natural Tanning Oils

One of the best ways to get radiant skin, and to get the most out of your health, is to expose yourself to sunlight. While too much sun exposure can be problematic, the sun, through the Vitamin D it provides us is essential for health. Additionally, a nice tan and skin glow are sought after […]

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Best Natural Face Moisturizers

There are many benefits to using a daily face moisturizer. It’s the quickest way to feel refreshed, and it helps to diminish the look of lines and wrinkles. Using a specifically designed facial moisturizer will give you softer skin with improved elasticity, thereby helping you to look and feel younger. But many of us have […]

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