Collagen Supplements for Stronger Skin

Over time we will all lose our youthful looks. Because of a number of factors, our skin goes from a glowing look to wrinkles, sagging skin and fine lines. This is something nobody wants to experience because everyone wants to have younger and healthier looking skin.

Fortunately, there are many ways to achieve this through lifestyle changes, diet, surgery and more. Supplements are a great option, several of which are listed below. In fact, there are so many ways to improve your skin that it can be almost overwhelming to find out what works and what doesn’t.

So whatever skincare product or daily regimen you choose you should always go for products that are natural. Not only does this mean that the product is organic and additive free, but also that it is a naturally occurring substance. One of the best examples of this is collagen.


What is Collagen?

Collagen is a structural protein found in the various connective tissues of the human body. This includes tendons, ligaments, bones, cartilage, and skin.

Think of collagen as being the body’s natural glue. In fact, the word collagen comes from the Greek word ‘kolla’ which literally means glue. Collagen helps to hold skin together, giving it both firmness and elasticity.

When we’re younger our skin stays smooth and plump. This is because skin is able to constantly regenerate collagen, keeping the skin intact. But as we age this all changes for the worse. So the solution is obvious: enhance collagen production!

The Effectiveness of Collagen Supplements

Although the role of collagen in the skin is unquestionably important, some people are skeptical of how big of an impact it can have if taken orally. The logic here is that because collagen is a protein it will be broken down when it enters the stomach, which doesn’t give it a chance to reach the skin.

This science makes sense, but it doesn’t take into account the newer forms of ingestible collagen peptides that are more bioavailable, meaning they can be more easily absorbed into the body. Also, it fails to take into consideration the body’s ability to generate collagen on its own.

Though we will discuss ways to enhance the body’s production of collagen on its own, there is no doubt that taking a collagen supplement is an easy and effective way to boost the protein’s presence in your skin. We prefer the powders, but some people prefer the pills.

The Top Brands

When looking for a collagen supplement, you want to look for one with a complete formula of skin boosting substances. While collagen is good alone, it’s even better when coupled with nutrients like vitamin C. This is because vitamin C plays an important function in the synthesis of collagen. Read our reviews below to learn what the top brands are.

ProductSizePriceRating /5
WellPath Multi Collagen PowderWellPath Multi Collagen Powder40 servings$$$$5
Neocell Collagen PillsNeocell Collagen Pills42 servings $$$4.5
Neocell Collagen PowderNeocell Collagen Powder30 servings$$$4.5
Youtheory Collagen PillsYoutheory Collagen Pills48 servings$$4

WellPath Multi Collagen Powder

WellPath Multi Collagen Powder

WellPath Multi Collagen Powder is our top recommended brand. It’s a high-quality product that helps you get better hair, skin, nails, and joints. What’s unique about this brand is that it features several different types of collagen from different sources. You’ll get Type I, II, III, V, and X.

The one downside to this brand is that it doesn’t mix as well as some of the competing brands. But it’s still easy enough to mix.

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Neocell Pills

Neocell Super Collagen Pills

This is the number one selling collagen product on Amazon and for good reason. It’s blend is specially formulated to include a broad spectrum of nineteen amino acids which help with collagen production. It’s also highly bioavailable because of the enzymes found in the supplement which help to break down the collagen into a usable substance.

The Neocell Collagen pills also utilize Collagen Types 1&3. There are different types of collagen in the body, and types 1 and 3 make up 90% of collagen, making them the most efficient types to use. The brand also provides 60mg of Vitamin C, which equals 100% of your daily value.
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Neocell Powder

Neocell Super Powder Collagen

The NeoCell powder collagen uses a similar formula. It utilizes collagen types 1 and 3 as well, but comes in powder form. Normally powders are more bioavailable then pills, but this also comes without vitamin C added. Therefore, both products will be sufficient in providing you collagen, so the choice really comes down to personal preference.
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Youtheory Collagen

The Youtheory collagen pills utilize the entire spectrum of types 1, 2 & 3 collagen. The inclusion of type 2 collagen should not make a drastic difference, but it can be viewed as an added bonus. The tablets include 18 amino acids and have a powerful effect on not only skin health, but also the health of your joints and ligaments.
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Sports Research Collagen Peptides

Sports Research Collagen Peptides

Although NeoCell offers a powder, this product from Sports Research is totally unique. In fact, it’s a hydrolyzed protein powder. So not only does it provide you with sufficient amounts of collagen, but it also gives you a full spectrum protein powder for athletic performance and proper nutrition.

This is a great choice for people who are active, because it will take special care of helping boost collagen in joints. Sports Research collagen peptides is also great to put in shakes or even coffee. Use it consistently for at least 30 days and you will notice that your skin and joints will feel much better.
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Foods to Increase Collagen Production

Because collagen is a naturally occurring substance, the body is able to replenish sufficient amounts of it. However, we know that levels of collagen can taper off as we age, so everything should be done to help the body increase its production. Supplements are certainly a great way to accomplish this, but you can also accomplish this through diet.

A healthy diet in general will help collagen production, but there are certain foods that can really aid in this process. Some foods include:

Vitamin C Rich Foods: As previously mentioned, vitamin C is essential for producing collagen and putting it to use. Foods like citrus fruits and colorful vegetables are full of vitamin C.

Tomatoes: These are rich in lycopene, an antioxidant that helps to increase collagen production.

Dark, Leafy Greens: Foods like kale and spinach are nutrient-powerhouses. They are packed with antioxidants and vitamin C.

Beans: Beans produce Hyaluronic acid, a powerful substance that boosts skin health. This substance is often found in many anti-aging products.

Lifestyle Changes to Boost Collagen Production

As with diet, there are other processes that can help boost collagen. These include:

Sun Exposure: You probably know that too much sun can cause damage to skin. One reason for this is that it’s a contributor to collagen loss. UV rays that penetrate skin can cause damage to the collagen support structures. Use a high-quality natural sunscreen to prevent this.

Cut Out Sugar: When you consume lots of sugar, enzymes are produced that go after collagen. This is why sugar ages your skin and makes it look rigid and wrinkled.

Smoking: Cigarette smoking is a leading cause of aging. This is because smoking inhibits the synthesis of collagen cells. If you needed another reason to quit smoking then this is it!

As you can see, any general habits that are overall negative for your health are likely to have a detrimental impact on collagen production. And just as there are factors that can negatively impact collagen production, there are ways to boost production as well via certain practices. One such method is exfoliating.

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the body. Essentially what it does is that it sends out a signal, calling for new skin to be regenerated, thus bringing more collagen into the mix.


Understanding the physiological makeup of the body and skin will really help you transform your skin. This is for several reasons, mainly because knowing what your body needs to create healthy, youthful skin will allow you to know which supplements are effective and which aren’t.

Collagen is one of these effective substances. It’s a naturally occurring substance in the body that should be supplemented with as you age, in order to prevent sagging skin and fine lines. A great place to start would be by using one of the supplements listed above.