Best Essential Oils for Energy

In today’s fast-paced world, who doesn’t struggle with having enough stamina to keep up? It seems that life is going faster than ever before and people will do everything and anything they can to stay with it. But before you reach for that third toasted macchiato, consider some other methods that naturally get you going.

Peppermint, citrus fruit, ginger, pepper….

You’re right! These are natural stimulants that trigger our bodies to get moving. Imagine a peppermint foot scrub or a tasty, fresh glass of grapefruit juice. Even thinking about it wakes you up a little! Coffee is our cultural go-to for energy and productivity, but drinking too much Coffee can wreck havoc on our brains. After a while, instead of helping us keep up, it just makes us crash and feel scatterbrained. Using an alternative energizer to put a little pep in our step might be just what we need to keep our energy strong and our minds focused.

But how do you use these nice smells to give you energy during your workday? Unfortunately, these herbs and products might not be that easy to incorporate into your routine in their whole form, especially at the crucial moments when you really need them. You can’t fill your briefcase with lemons and your pockets with peppermint leaves. Cue nature’s miracle: our beloved essential oils!

Essential oils are super concentrated forms of whatever they are derived from. On average, they are about 70 times more potent than the plant from which they are extracted from. This means that you can get the benefits of the plant, without having to have a whole crate of it with you.

Take those scents that you already thought of: peppermint, citrus, ginger, and pepper. Instead of packing and carrying the raw material, just keep the oils with you. Place a few drops of peppermint oil, orange oil, ginger oil, or black pepper oil in a diffuser and let the concentrated essence do its job. Contrary to some popular belief, the benefit of essential oils isn’t just in their smell, although that is one of the more delightful aspects. The diffused oils actually find their way into your blood stream where the effects from the raw products, the increased attention and wakefulness, are triggered in your brain.

Those first four aren’t the only essential oils that will help you pick up the energy. Bergamot, cinnamon, rosemary, basil, eucalyptus, and pine are all wonderful as well. With so many to choose from, you’ll be sure to find one to suit your own particular need and your own unique preference. Each one has its own, distinct properties.

Top Oils for Energy

Below you will find our list of the top 10 choices. They aren’t listed in any order.


Peppermint oil stimulates your senses and makes you feel awake. It also helps cut through mental fog so that you can think clearly.

Citrus Fruit

Oils derived from citrus fruit actually combat anxiety. Anxiety and stress can drain your energy until it’s empty, so this is a great oil for when you’re in situations of intense pressure.


Most people either love ginger, or hate it. It has a warm quality to it that helps combat fatigue and relieve muscle tension that may be adding to your exhaustion.

Black Pepper

Black pepper helps increase circulation, thus making you feel less sleepy. It is great for before you exercise to get your blood flowing and your energy up.


The distinctive feature in Earl Grey tea, bergamot relieves symptoms of anxiety and depression by making you feel more awake and energized.


Cinnamon increases your blood flow the same way black pepper does. It helps blood circulate more effectively to your brain and helps to regulate your blood sugar so you don’t crash.


Rosemary oil helps relieve mental fatigue. If you’re energy problem is psychological, then this one will do the trick! It also combines very well with other oils for a multi-pronged energy blend. However, rosemary oil should not be used when you are pregnant.


Basil is not only tasty in your spaghetti sauce, this oil helps to lift your spirit and keep you alert. It stimulates your adrenal glands and blends well with others. It also shouldn’t be used while pregnant.


Eucalyptus can be used with a similar affect of both mint and lemon. It makes you feel less sluggish and can best be described as ‘refreshing’.


Pine oil has been shown to increase happiness and focus, while also combating the sleepy feelings that come with depression, a leading cause of tiredness.

Each of the above oils can be purchased on Amazon from the Rocky Mountain Essential Oils brand. Also, many essential oil companies also sell pre-mixed versions of these oils under various names. Energy, Focus, Elevation, etc. are all blends of multiple essential oils that all work to give your mind and body that extra zip. We recommend Plant Therapy’s Energy Blend.

If you don’t want a pre-mixed blend, you can always make your own as well, by combining two or more of your favorites for a personalized energy cocktail.

Plant Therapy Energy Essential Oil Blend

Using the Oils

When you need the added boost, you can access the energizing benefits of these oils in a number of ways.

First, you can diffuse the oil into the room using some kind of diffuser, either a simple candle diffuser or a more high-tech version such as InnoGear’s electronic diffuser.

Second, you can dilute them with a carrier oil, such as Jojoba or Coconut, and massage the blend into your body, particular on your feet and temples. Third, you can mix the oils with water in a spray bottle for a quick spritz, either in the air or on your body.

With so many great options, why not let your body step it up naturally? Your nerves will thank you, and your colleagues will too.