Klean Kanteen Review

The Klean Kanteen company has a few different water bottles for sale. In this article we will be reviewing their best product, the single-wall bottle with the bamboo cap. It’s a product that I believe everyone should own. Keep reading to learn why.



This bottle has some features that really separates it from the competition.

Plastic Free

The Klean Kanteen contains no plastic parts, and this is the main reason you should buy it. Why is this such a big deal? Because plastic is a known endocrine disruptor that can affect your hormones in a bad way. Plastic has also been linked to cancer and it is terrible for the environment.

In addition to being plastic free, the Klean Kanteen is also paint free. There is no paint on the bottle as the company’s logo is laser-engraved. This shows the level of dedication that the company has regarding health and well-being.

A Great Look

Klean Kanteen Water Bottle

There are two different single-wall bottle variations, and both of them look great. You can choose from either brushed stainless or mirrored stainless. There is no difference in price. I went with the brushed stainless because I didn’t want the sun to reflect off the bottle when I bring it outside. However the look is a personal preference and there is no wrong answer.

Every bottle has a bamboo cap that gives it a classy and sophisticated look. There is also a metal ring that allows you to carry it in your hand more easily and you can also attach it to your belt if you want. This is a feature that I really like.

The bottom line is that it looks like a high-quality water bottle, and not a cheap piece of plastic.


For such a quality-made product, the price is extremely affordable. It’s around 30 dollars, and I know this might sound like a lot for a water bottle. But this is a product that will last you forever if you take care of it. It’s also a much healthier option than a cheap plastic water bottle.

Different Sizing Options

For this model you have two different sizing options to choose from. You have the 18 ounce size and the 27 ounce size. I found that 27 ounces is the perfect size for me, and it’s what I recommend. It’s easy and lightweight to carry around, and yet I don’t need to refill it constantly.

When in doubt, go for the bigger size because it’s really important that you stay hydrated throughout the day.

There are also kids sizes available but they all have plastic tops, so those aren’t good options. The 18 ounce size should be fine for a kid.


I suggest buying this product on Amazon.com, because the shipping is fast and free. It’s also around five dollars cheaper.

I ordered directly from their website kleankanteen.com, and shipping is only free after you spend over $50. So in order for me to qualify for free shipping I had to increase the cost of my order. The easiest solution would be to buy two bottles and give one of them away. Instead I decided to buy two of their stainless steel food canisters, and I’m happy that I bought them. I can store food in them, or whatever I want to store.

The downsides of ordering through their site is that the bottle costs a little more, and the shipping is much slower than ordering through Amazon. Instead of getting the bottle in two days with prime shipping, I had to wait around ten days.
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The Final Verdict

So is it worth replacing your regular water bottle with a Klean Kanteen? The answer is yes, because the Klean Kanteen is simply the best water bottle out there. It’s made of high quality steel so it’s built to last, and there are no plastic parts to it. None. You’ll have peace of mind throughout the day that you are drinking from a clean water bottle. I highly recommend that you buy one for yourself, you’ll be glad you did.

As a final note, it’s really important that you drink filtered water. A water bottle can only store water, so you need to put clean filtered water into the bottle. For water filters, I recommend the Berkey Filter as the most convenient option. You can also install a reverse osmosis system in your house, or go to a store that has a reverse osmosis machine and fill up your water there.