Molly’s Suds Laundry Powder Review

Molly’s Suds has quickly become one of the most popular brands of natural laundry detergent. But how effective is it? Are the ingredients safe? We are here to give you a full review of their 120 load laundry powder.



We’ll go over every single ingredient and what it can do for your clothes.

Sodium Carbonate

This is the main ingredient in the formula. Otherwise known as soda ash, Sodium Carbonate is used as a water softener. What is a water softener? It removes magnesium, calcium and metal ions from the water. This is good because it allows the soap to go in and do its job. It’s also good at removing stains, especially grease and oil stains. Their Sodium Carbonate is from Wyoming’s Green River Basin.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda does a great job at removing odors.

Epson Salt

Epson salt does not have any uses related to washing clothes, and it actually might make the water harder rather than softer. This is a curious ingredient, it could be a filler to drive up the price. However it might help clean your washing machine.

Unrefined Sea Salt

Unrefined sea salt is used as a natural fabric softener.

Organic Peppermint Oil

This oil gives your laundry a fresh scent. It serves no other purpose.


The first time I used this product, I was pleasantly surprised by how effective it is. The ingredients are simple so I didn’t really expect it to get out stains. But to my surprise, the formula does get out mild stains and it does a great job cleaning your clothes. If you have a tough stain then I recommend spot-treating it with vinegar.

The peppermint oil does not pass on much of a scent to your clothes, but this isn’t something that I cared about. Although if you want more scent, you can add-in more peppermint oil or whatever essential oil you prefer.


Molly's Suds Laundry Powder

I was a little disappointed in their packaging. A company selling a natural product ideally should have natural packaging, such as a glass container. But instead we get plastic, which is bad for you and for the environment.

The powder comes in a thin plastic resealable bag along with a small plastic scoop that is found inside the bag.

In total I have gone through about four packages of this product, and for one package there was an issue where the bag did not reseal. So I had to fold the bag up, and use a rubber band. Unfortunately for me, powder would still leak out if I moved the bag away from the laundry area. Overall the packaging is the biggest downside to this product.

Ordering Options

By far the best way to order is through Amazon. It has the cheapest price and if you have Prime then you can get free two-day shipping. If you order through Molly’s Suds website then you will pay about a dollar more, and you will also need to pay $9 for shipping. Even worse, it takes about 5-7 days for their orders to be processed and shipped.

You can buy this brand on other websites as well. I few times I ordered through Swanson along with my vitamins. I did this to increase my order cost so I could qualify for Swanson’s free shipping. So if you order your vitamins through Swanson then this could be a good option for you.

In addition, you can find this product in small retail shops across the country. Click here to see the full list.
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For such simple ingredients, the cost is fairly high. The company blends the ingredients together well, but you can definitely buy all the ingredients for yourself and make your own product. This extra amount of work isn’t for everyone though, so if you are short on time or you value convenience then Molly’s Suds laundry powder is worth the money.

Overall this is an effective natural laundry powder, and it’s perfect for those who value convenience. It’s the number one rated laundry detergent on our website. Personally, I don’t buy it anymore because it’s expensive, I don’t like the packaging, and I enjoy making my own blend. To make my own powder, I use a combination of homemade soap, vinegar, and baking soda. That’s what works for me, however Molly’s Suds product might work better for you— their product is definitely worth a try.

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