Murumuru Butter for Skin and Hair

Everyone knows that natural butters and oils can be great for your hair and skin. They provide hydration and shine while also softening and strengthening. If you’re looking for a butter to use as a base or on it’s own, instead of a manufactured product that has already been processed, preserved and scented, you’re only left with a few choices. Among these choices is one that is great for use on both your hair and your skin, and that is murumuru butter.


About Murumuru Butter

Murumuru butter comes from the murumuru palm tree that grows in the region in and around the Amazon rainforest. The tree provides a number of materials that are used by people, including its fibrous bark and edible fruit and seeds. The butter comes from the plant’s seeds that, when rendered, yield a dense, fatty oil. The rich fat extracted is loaded with laureic, myristic, and oleic acid, as well as vitamins A and C. These nutrients are known to help repair skin, smoothing lines and wrinkles and fading marks and spots. The thick oil, called a butter because it is solid at room temperature, has been used for centuries to provide strength and sheen to hair as well as on the skin.

The best part about murumuru butter is that the seeds and butter extract are edible, so you don’t have to worry at all about using it on your body.

Skin Benefits

As a skin moisturizer, murumuru butter does not need to be mixed with anything. It is incredibly stable and long lasting, and doesn’t go rancid because of its relatively low water content.

A solid at room temperature, the butter’s melting point is 33° C/ 91.4° F, just under human body temperature. This means that when applied to the body it melts slowly, making a smooth and easy application that you can massage into your skin without being messy or drippy.

Murumuru butter contains 12% oleic acid and 3% linoleic acid, both unsaturated fats that absorb easily and quickly into your skin, making this a great product for penetrating deep into the many layers of the skin. The remaining fatty acids in the butter are saturated, which provides a seal to trap moisture. This means your skin feels soft and nourished from the first moment you apply it and for many hours afterward.

Eczema and Psoriasis

Murumuru butter, like many natural plant oils, has naturally anti-bacterial, anti-septic, and anti-viral properties. It is naturally hypoallergenic as well, meaning it is unlikely to cause any allergic reactions, even in the most sensitive people. This makes it great for anyone who suffers from eczema or psoriasis to use as a skin soother and moisturizer. It is unlikely to cause irritation, even on already irritated skin, and it actually helps to promote good healing and scar reduction.

The germ-fighting capabilities of this product are partly a result of the high laureic acid content, which is most closely comparable to human breast milk, a powerful toxin-fighter!


It’s also the perfect product to use to soften stiff cuticles. It’s easy to scrape a little chip onto each nail and let it slowly dissolve with the heat of your body to absorb into those tough cuticles.

Hair Benefits

Murumuru butter is also great for hair, especially curly hair. It not only penetrates deep into each strand to lock in moisture, but it’s also absorbed into the scalp and follicle to relieve dryness and itchiness and to start your hair out strong and beautiful from the root.

This butter isn’t heavy, so hair looks smooth and shiny without any greasiness or weight, but it is rich, making it great at recovering and restoring dry, brittle, or damaged hair.

Its effect on hair has been compared to lanolin, a product of sheep’s wool, but because it’s a completely plant-derived product it is a suitable replacement for vegans who want the same look and feel without the animal-based material.

The luscious bounce and malleability afforded to hair by a little bit of murumuru butter will have you swishing and swinging your beautiful locks all day!

Our Recommended Brand

Vitae Organics Murumuru Butter

Whatever your reason or purpose for turning to murumuru butter, it’s best to start with the raw, unprocessed material and then work from there. For that, the absolute best butter comes from the Vitae Organics brand.

This company sources all of their murumuru butter in Peru and Brazil, where the tall palm trees are indigenous. The fruit is taken from wild trees instead of farm-planted ones, called wild-harvesting. This means that naturally forested land is not claimed or developed to produce this material, but rather the forest is conserved and protected because it provides an economic incentive not to deforest the land.

Vitae Organics is also committed to sustainable harvesting methods and the highest standards of free trade. The company exclusively hire locals to handpick the murumuru seeds, which are difficult to get to because of the trees fibrous bark and the natural habitat of the tree, which is partially submerged in riverbanks and floodplains. The harvesters are paid good wages, making this a product that benefits not only the environment, but also the local families in the forest.

The seeds are then cold-pressed for extraction to guarantee that none of its beneficial natural properties are lost in the processing, especially any of the great vitamins and minerals. The final product is of the highest quality. It has a faint, nutty scent and comes to you clean, ready to be used straight on your body or ready to mix into your own concoction. You can add a few drops of a scent before you use it or completely mix it up to create your own lip balm. The options are endless and the benefits are too!

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