Best Natural Body Spray

Smelling fresh is something that many people desire, and there are millions of fragrance products available out there. Unfortunately, most common perfumes, body sprays, and colognes are made with toxic ingredients that have been proven to have detrimental effects on people’s health. Any product that lists “fragrance” or “parfum” as one of its ingredients is almost guaranteed to contain various chemicals all generally classified as “fragrance.”

Companies rarely disclose what their perfumes are actually made of, claiming that the recipe is secret. This means that you have no idea what you are inhaling and what you are putting on your body. It is a much safer and better idea to use natural perfumes or natural body sprays that are made with essential oils and other natural fragrances. Not only will essential oils give you the scent you are looking for, but they also contain aromatherapy properties that can energize, relax, or give you focus.

If you are interested in using a scented spray, either on your body or around your home, then try using a natural spray that is made with organic essential oils rather than a commercial mist made with synthetic chemical toxic fragrances. Read below to see our specific recommendations.

BrandPriceRating /5
AsutraAsutra Body Spray$$$5
Indigo WildIndigo Wild Zum Mist$$4.5
Herbal Choice MariHerbal Choice Mari Body Mist$$$$4
Aura CaciaAura Cacia Body Mist$4

1. Asutra

Asutra Premium Aromatherapy Mist

Asutra has an all-natural premium aromatherapy mist that comes in a variety of scents. All of the scents are formulated with completely natural and organic ingredients, with only distilled water and pure essential oils. All of their natural body mists are free of parabens, glycerin, artificial fragrance, and are never tested on animals.

Unlike some other impure or mixture sprays, Asutra’s products have no dehydrating alcohol, and instead can actually help to hydrate your skin through the use of jojoba oil and aloe vera. This makes their spray an amazing multi-tasking product, because it gives you aromatherapy qualities, skin hydratation, and revitalizing benefits all at the same time. Their mists are even gentle enough to be used on your face, and they can also be used at work, in the car, or in the yoga studio.

This brand offers a variety of scents, 6 in total, depending on what you are looking for. Below we provide a brief overview of each spray:

  • Pure Soothing Comfort is made with chamomile and lavender to help you relax and unwind. This particular scent is perfect to use at night when you want to unwind, and especially before bed. However, this is also a great spray to spritz onto your pillow, sheets, clothes, and anywhere else you might want to experience the relaxing effects of lavender.
  • Anytime Energy Boost is a unique formula that helps you reboot and re-energize. The citrus and eucalyptus essential oils help to perk you up and give you natural energy. This spray is perfect for any time of day. In the morning a few spritzes on your body or in your room can help get your eyes open in addition to (or maybe even in place of) your cup of coffee. When that afternoon slump hits, a few more sprays can help you power through the rest of the day.
  • Confidence Elixir uses both jasmine and lemongrass essential oils that actually help promote feelings of happiness, inner strength, and confidence. While this might sound difficult for a body spray to do, think of the anti-anxiety properties of the lemongrass and jasmine oils. Both work together to lift your spirits and to get rid of negative thoughts. If you still aren’t convinced, Asutra will give you a complete refund with no questions asked.
  • Instant Stress Relief relieves tension with patchouli and bergamot essential oils to help clear your mind. Just spray it onto your body or in the room and take a few deep breaths to feel instantly calmer.
  • Refresh Restore Renew is a great body mist to use every day. It’s refreshing and clean, and it uses juniper and tea tree essential oils. The light scent is invigorating and cleansing, perfect for any time of day and any occasion.
  • Ready Set Focus is a sharp scent made with rosemary and peppermint essential oils to help you focus and to promote mental clarity.

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2. Indigo Wild

Indigo Wild Zum Mist

Indigo Wild’s Zum Mists are made with only purified, filtered water and essential oils. The Indigo Wild Frankincense and Myrrh scent is very popular, and works great for both men and women, since the scent is more unisex.

You can use this spray as an aromatherapy tool for calming and relaxing scents in your home or as a light body mist before you head out the door. The scent usually lasts all day, even with just one or two sprays, which means that a little can go a long way, and the bottle is likely to last for quite some time.
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3. Herbal Choice Mari

Herbal Choice Mari Body Mist

If you want to try an organic body spray with a unique fragrance, then consider using Herbal Choice Mari’s body mist. This product is USDA certified organic, which can be difficult for companies to get due to the strict guidelines and cost of getting certified. The certification is well worth it, and it’s an indication of a good natural product.

This mist is completely free of common filler ingredients, such as corn, gluen, tree nuts, chemical dyes, and other petrochemicals. It also doesn’t contain any genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and is formulated without parabens, preservatives, dyes, synthetic fragrances, or phthalates.

The short list of natural ingredients includes purified water, ylang ylang oil, olive oil, geranium oil, and rose oil. The scent of ylang ylang has actually been used as an antidepressant, as its relaxing scent helps to drive away anxiety and stress. It has an uplifting and happy scent that is delicately floral and pairs well with the natural rose scent.
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4. Aura Cacia

Aura Cacia Body Mist

Aura Cacia is a brand that is well known for their essential oils, and they make a wonderful lavender room and body mist that has relaxing aromatherapy properties. This company always uses 100% pure and natural essential oils, and the Aura Cacia body mist is made only of water and lavender essential oils.

Lavender has long been used for its relaxing and calming properties, which makes this spray perfect to use almost anywhere. It is especially helpful at night time— try spraying a few spritzes on your pillow or sheets before you go to bed for the evening and see if it helps you fall asleep faster, or helps you sleep better throughout the night.

Since this brand is made from pure essential oils, you could also use it in a baby or child’s room to help them wind down and relax for bedtime (however, don’t spray anything directly on your baby’s sheets unless a doctor says it’s okay).

Something unique about this brand is that it comes in an aluminum bottle, rather than plastic. This helps to protect the essential oils from degradation and contamination. It’s also small enough to carry around in a purse or to keep in your car.
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One of the great things about using natural body sprays is that they tend to be versatile. Therefore you can use them almost anywhere— not just on your body, but as a room spray, a car spray, a fabric refresher, and anywhere else that odors sometimes lurk.

If you buy one of these products, then you will be sure to find plenty of use for it.