Best Natural Foot Soak

Whether you are a man or woman, busy working full-time as a mother or a high-achieving professional, you likely spend most of your time on your feet. During the regular dealings of everyday life, your feet are subjected to stress. You accumulate callus and blisters, cuts and sores, and your feet deserve the same (if not more) pampering treatment that you regularly give the rest of your body. Complimenting your daily hygiene regimen with a natural foot soak is an effective stress reliever and it helps to improve circulation. But not all products are created equally. Focusing on brands with all-natural ingredients such as tea tree oil, is the best way to go.

Most pharmacies and department stores offer artificial alternatives that take away from the foot’s natural resilience and strength. Though these manufactured solutions may provide short-term relief, the potential side effects may have long lasting effects. Additionally, not knowing exactly what you are putting on your body, or what is being absorbed through the thousands of pores on your feet, is troubling to say the least. Stick with a natural alternative that has been used to treat skin for centuries.

Many recipes exist online for natural blends of ingredients, including tea tree oil, to create the best foot soak. Certainly some of these mixtures are tried and true, while others may be less effective. For convenience purposes, it’s best to go with a proven brand, like the ones mentioned in this article.

Top Brands

Here are the four natural brands that we recommend. By choosing one of these products, you can rest assured that you’re going to get the most out of your foot soak at an affordable price.

1. Asutra

Asustra Foot Soak

This all natural and organic foot product is designed to soothe and cleanse your feet. Asutra’s foot soak is a blend of more than 20 natural minerals including dead sea salt that will help to revitalize and soften your feet.

Additionally, the blend of organic essential oils will stimulate blood flow, improve circulation, and reduce inflammation. Likewise, the potent oils will also help in reducing aches and pains due to any foot, ankle, or toe injuries.

As if that’s not enough, included with the 16-ounce container is a free scrubbing pumice stone.
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2. Pure Body Naturals

Pure Body Naturals Foot Soak

This soak is made with a mixture of proven ingredients to relieve sore feet and leave them feeling extra clean. Pure Body Natural’s foot soak is a blend of Tea Tree Essential Oil, Epsom Salt, Dead Sea Salt, MSM, and other Essential Oils. It’s guaranteed to naturally detox bacteria and fungus from your feet, while helping to soften rough or cracked skin.

Unlike some of the other brands on this list, this product also doubles as a bath soak which makes it a great value.
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3. Oleavine

Oleavine Foot Soak

This highly concentrated product is enriched with essential oils such as Tea Tree Oil and botanicals such as Neem Oil. Each soak will only require two to three tablespoons added to your bath to notice the soothing effects for tired, itchy, or sore feet. Oleavine’s foot soak features an expert blend of Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals, Epsom Salt, MSM, & Trace Mineral Rich Dead Sea Salt that is designed to transport you to a mineral hot spring.

Also, the cooling fragrances of mint and menthol will smell great while invigorating your senses.
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How to Use a Foot Soak

If you’ve never tried a foot soak before then don’t worry, the process is easy.

Whether you are using a specially designed leg bath or just a large basin, simply fill the vessel with an appropriate amount of warm to hot water. Depending on your preference of foot soak additives, you simply add the mixture to the warm water and let it dissolve. As the oils and other ingredients mix with the water, they will break down into ionic form which will be able to interact with your skin directly. Tea Tree oil, for instance, will immediately begin to absorb into your skin when it is added. This will help to reduce inflammation, treat any cuts or abrasions, and help soothe your skin.


Whether you are looking to treat sore, damaged, or tired feet, a natural foot soak is a good solution. Slipping into a warm bath of tea tree oil and natural minerals will not only help you relax, but it will also have significant detoxifying and therapeutic benefits. Your feet will thank you.