Best Natural Perfume Brands

Perfume is something most people enjoy wearing. It’s a substance that makes us feel confident and refreshed, but many people may not realize how many harsh chemicals are residing in drugstore and department store fragrances. It also surprises many people that there are alternatives to conventional perfumes out there, and they’re actually good for you!

Although typical perfume sprays contain traces of natural ingredients, the majority of the liquid is filled with dangerous artificial chemicals extracted from petroleum. Just because a perfume claims to smell like lavender, doesn’t mean the perfume actually contains any essence of lavender. Typically the average consumer is looking at a long list of unpronounceable names that are difficult to identify on the spot. This can total up to 17 ingredients or even more than that! With lots of research many perfume fans have turned to a more natural alternative.

All natural and organic perfumes are all the rage nowadays, and for good reason. Usually packed with essential oils and plant-based products, these products smell great without the harsh side effects of chemical-laced perfume. What’s even more important is these perfumes are honest about their ingredients. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has tested plenty of name brand perfumes from department stores, and found most of them contain “secret ingredients” that are not listed directly on the labels.

Natural perfume comes in many forms. It may be in a typical spray or it may come as a solid, deodorant, lotion, or other substance. No matter what form organic fragrance comes in, it’s still the superior alternative when it comes to choosing a perfume. Customers have plenty of options and the actual scent of the product is high quality, usually because natural perfumes contain real ingredients. Instead of a chemical concoction designed to smell just like coconut, all natural coconut oil and essence will be used instead. This alone should be enough to convince you that natural perfume is the way to go.

So why are organic ingredients better? Because perfumes containing organic ingredients lack the dyes, petrochemicals, solvents, alcohol, and pesticides found in typical perfumes. This is safer for you, the environment, and for those who are affected by their loved ones’ fragrance choices. Ultimately, choosing an organic and all-natural perfume benefits you consumer exponentially and allows you to breathe easy— figuratively and literally!

Top Brands

Here are a few all natural perfume options that smell fantastic and offer one-hundred percent real, high quality ingredients rather than chemicals. You will likely find that they are even better than chemical filled perfumes at the store.

1. Pacifica Tahitian Garden 1 oz. Spray Perfume

Pacifica Tahitian Garden Spray Perfume

Pacifica Tahitian Garden 1 oz. Spray Perfume is made of purely natural ingredients. Inspired by the sacred flower of Tahiti, the Pacifica perfume contains Jasmine, orange flower, tea leaves, and Ylang Ylang. This blend creates a vintage smelling fragrance that is reminiscent of classic, sophisticated scents but contains none of the harsh chemicals used to create those scents! Customers have praised this perfume for reminding them of picking flowers or enjoying nature and tranquility.

Natural and essential oils make up the majority of this particular scent, making it a very simple formula without the 17 ingredients usually found in a drugstore perfume of similar price.

The good thing about this perfume is that it looks similar to any other bottled perfume, making it an excellent gift for someone who is new to organic fragrances! It’s exactly what women are looking for in a fragrance, minus the toxicity and adding in some health benefits from using essential oils.

This floral scent is feminine and fun without the addition of chemicals that burn and irritate the skin. There are no fake flowers, only real and all natural flower extracts that smell much better than chemical versions.
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2. US Organic Body Oil, Smooth Caribbean Coconut

Smooth Caribbean Coconut Oil Body Oil

Organic bath and body oil is a very popular option to take place of conventional spray perfumes. Instead of filling the air with toxic chemicals, it’s easy to rub the moisturizing oil into the skin, reaping direct benefits from the liquid fragrance. This product is also perfect for pouring directly into a bath, creating great smelling bath water that hydrates and refreshes for all day great smelling skin.

Coconut is a wildly popular perfume scent. It’s easy to find natural coconut options, but many perfume companies still put fake ingredients that mimic coconut into their sprays. This oil is rich with the smell of organic coconut oil, along with orange oil, grapefruit oil, and healthy olive oil. Smooth Caribbean Coconut Body Oil contains all organic ingredients, making it a purchase any customer can feel good about. Coconut oil is a highly sought after beauty product these days, and can actually make the skin healthier along with providing a great fragrance.
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3. Oshadhi Essential Oil Perfume, Roots

Oshadhi Essential Oil Perfume

This bottle looks like a conventional perfume spray but it actually contains a host of healthy, all-natural ingredients. Made with one-hundred percent natural essential oils, this perfume is an excellent option for anyone trying to make the healthier beauty decision.

Instead of a flowery scent, Oshadhi Essential Oil Perfume contains a deep earthy fragrance that brings together notes of sandalwood and oak moss. Organic essential oils create a product that the customer can feel good about purchasing.

Because of the woodsy smell, this perfume is an excellent option for either men or women who want a more natural perfume. Customers all agreed that the scent is very reminiscent of musk, in a very warm and pleasant way.

For those who want a natural perfume that isn’t floral or fruity, this fragrance is an excellent option.
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4. US Organic Body Oil, Bulgarian Rose

Body and Bath Oil Bulgarian Rose

Natural perfumes come in many different forms, and this particular fragrance is a bath and body oil. It can be used in a variety of ways. Pour it in a running bath for perfumed water, add it directly to the skin for locked in moisture, or use it directly after a bath for soft skin that smells amazing. Either way this product keeps skin feeling and smelling amazing.

This product, which is certified USDA organic, contains all organic oils like sunflower, jojoba, argan nut, palmarosa, and olive oil. All of these oils have proven to be excellent for skin health. They moisturize while the organic rose extract provides a beautiful fragrance that lasts longer than many conventional perfumes sprays. Since roses are often mimicked with large numbers of hazardous chemicals in department store fragrances, this perfume proves that using all natural rose extract is by far the better option.

US Organic Body Oil’s Bulgarian Rose product is highly affordable, making it a front-runner against overpriced perfumes as well. Despite popular belief, most organic products are not priced higher than similar products from drugstores and department stores.
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Although you may have thought that there are no all-natural perfume options, this is simply not the case. There is a wide variety of organic products out there for consumers to try. In many cases, these natural perfume options can even provide benefits from essential oils and vitamins that make conventional perfumes seem unappealing in comparison! The Pacifica Tahitian Garden Spray Perfume is our top recommended brand.

Anyone can smell and feel fantastic by choosing a more natural option, even when it comes to perfume.