Phytoceramides Reviews

Ceramides are found naturally in the cell membranes of your skin, and are made of fatty acids and lipids. They help to create the waterproof layer on the surface of your skin, keeping moisture locked in and preventing microorganisms from entering. Over time, the amount of ceramides decreases with age, leaving your skin more vulnerable to moisture loss as well as various signs of aging, including wrinkles and fine lines.

Phytoceramides are the plant-based version of ceramides, and can be extracted from plant substances, such as rice, wheat, or sweet potatoes. The use of phytoceramides is approved by the FDA and is proven to help replenish the ceramides lost due to aging by taking a daily supplement. Many people (including Dr. Oz) call it a “facelift in a bottle” due to the noticeable results to your skin after just one month of taking the supplement.

When looking for a phytoceramide supplement, it’s important to choose a quality product that contains high levels of phytoceramides without extra fillers.

The suggested dose recommended by dermatologists for maximum efficiency is 350mg per tablet, but some companies manufacture pills that only contain 40mg, but it does depend on the potency. The rice-based phytoceramides are more potent. Some formulas contain other beneficial ingredients to give you healthier skin, such as Vitamin C (very important for your skin) and other vitamins and minerals. If you have celiac disorder or have any sensitivity to gluten, you may want to consider the rice-based ceramide formulas rather than the wheat-based formulas.

Taking a phytoceramide supplement is unique because it actually addresses the problem internally, right at the source. Most beauty regimens involve using face creams, scrubs, masks, and other topical items on the outside of your skin to achieve the results you want. Instead, this supplement is working from the inside out.

Top Brands

Here are the top brands available for sale. Each brand has the necessary dosage for improving your skin.

1. Sports Research

Sports Research Phytoceramides

Sports Research has one of the best-selling brands out there, and it’s made with their own patented brand of phytoceramides— Lipowheat ®. As the name implies, the phytoceramides are extracted from wheat, but Sports Research uses its own special extraction method that actually eliminates almost all of the gluten. In fact, this product can technically be considered “gluten free,” because the FDA suggests that for a product to be labeled “gluten free” it should have less than 20 ppm, and this supplement has less than that threshold.

This supplement is also made without any genetically modified ingredients (GMOs) and has been certified by the Good Manufacturing Practice.

This particular supplement is a liquid softgel, and the capsule is made with gelatin, so if you are vegan or vegetarian then this might not be the best choice for you. Each softgel contains a 350mg dosage of phytoceramides. However, this brand does not feature any of the additional skin health vitamins that can be found in other brands.

This is the same brand that was featured on the Dr. OZ show. You can watch that episode here.
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2. Schwartz Bioresearch

Schwartz Bioresearch Phytoceramides

If you need a gluten-free supplement, then try the formula from Schwartz Bioresearch. It’s made with rice instead of wheat, and contains Vitamins A, C, D3, and E, as well as biotin.

This supplement is essentially the perfect cocktail for your skin, and you will notice results in your face and also for your hair and nails. Schwartz Bioresearch phytoceramides is cruelty free and 100% vegan, containing no artificial ingredients, chemicals, preservatives, or animal products. The blend of healthy ingredients in this formula make it effective at reducing crow’s feet, age spots, sun damage, and overall dryness for both men and women.

Another great feature about this product is that it’s completely made in the United States, and they offer a full refund if you are not satisfied with the product. They also use completely natural and professional grade ingredients.
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When taking phytoceramide supplements orally, the contents of the pill are able to enter your bloodstream immediately and get straight to work for your skin cell membranes. Over time, the natural damage that comes with aging will be repaired and moisture will be restored, filling in fine lines and plumping out your skin to return its youthful glow.

There are many face creams and lotions that claim to do the same thing by essentially covering up the problem or offering a temporary solution that will fade as soon as you wash your face. Rejuvenating your skin from the inside is a far more effective and long-lasting way to ensure your skin is healthy for years to come. Dermatologists know that healthy skin is a result of what you do to your body- both inside and out.

Since phytoceramides are plant-derived and all-natural, they are unlikely to cause any side effects or interact with any medications you might be taking. It’s also much easier to add one capsule to your daily routine than going through lotion, face wash, scrubs, and other applications.