SLS and Fluoride Free Toothpaste

Over the years, people have learned the benefits of brushing their teeth regularly to avoid issues such as tooth decay and the need for dental repair which can be both expensive and unpleasant. But did you know regular brushing of your teeth may in some cases be causing health complications, specifically canker sores and gum disease. This is especially true for those who already have a predisposition to these types of complications. The problem often lies with the toothpaste being used.

Most people do not know common toothpastes contain chemicals which can cause irritation of the gums and contribute to tooth decay. This is why it’s best to use a natural toothpaste such as Jason Sea Fresh Toothpaste. Read on to learn more about the benefits of SLS and Fluoride Free Toothpaste.


What do Ordinary Toothpastes Contain?

SLS and Fluoride Free Toothpaste

Did you know that too much fluoride can actually cause Tooth Decay?

Fluoride – When applied locally on teeth in the recommended amount, it is said to prevent Fluorosis. However, too much fluoride causes tooth decay. Now, while the recommended amount may work for most of the population, it may be too much for some people (especially children). In fact, studies done by the CDC show that about 41% of children aged between 12 and 15 have some form of Fluorosis. Additionally, since not all of the fluoride is washed off by rinsing with water, the little that remains in the mouth can find its way into the blood system.

In the kidneys, fluoride is not easily cleared which is why those with kidney diseases are requested to avoid toothpastes with flouride. For them, SLS and fluoride free toothpaste is the best choice. (You can read more on Kidney Disease and Flouride here)

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

The other key component of ordinary tooth pastes is SLS , short for Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. This chemical compound does not actually clean teeth- it’s sole purpose is to produce foam. Therefore since it’s foam-producing, it gives the impression of cleaning. This chemical is used in many other products such as car wash detergents, toilet cleaning detergents, and shower gels. As a chemical, it can cause damage to your teeth, gums and mouth. This includes canker sores and mouth ulcers. In some people, it can cause skin irritation.

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What is a Natural toothpaste?

As you can see, two of the most common ingredients in toothpastes have the potential to cause health complications in some people, to what extent is still largely unknown which is obviously a big concern for many. To remedy these effects, SLS and Fluoride Free Toothpaste were developed. Most of the ingredients used to make these toothpastes have been known and used for thousand of years. SLS and fluoride free toothpaste contain only natural ingredients that provide the same level of cleaning as a standard toothpaste without the foaming action.

One of the common ingredients found in many SLS and Fluoride Free Toothpastes is Myrrh – an antibacterial agent that kills plaque-forming bacteria. In addition, it’s known to cure inflammation of the gums and the mouth. Some natural toothpastes contain Aloe Vera which soothes the mouth and gums and has some anti-microbial properties. Chamomile reduces pain on inflamed teeth and gums as well as other dental diseases. There are other natural alternatives that are worth looking into as well.

The Best Fluoride Free Toothpaste

Jason Sea Fresh Toothpaste

It doesn’t get any better than Jason’s Sea Fresh Toothpaste. Jason’s is a popular and reputable brand that creates a variety of natural health products. They really did a fantastic job creating this product. The first thought that will come to mind after trying this toothpaste is just how fresh it is. You will feel as if you just came back from a dentist cleaning. You can taste and enjoy all the natural flavors such as peppermint and parsley extracts. And you can count on having fresh breath after you brush.

Rest assured, this product is 100% natural. There are no preservatives, artificial sweeteners, colors, or sulfates.

The formula also includes antioxidants, proteins, and calcium. For an affordable price, you just can’t go wrong by choosing this brand.

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By using an SLS and fluoride free toothpaste, you can reduce the potential for gum disease, mouth ulcers and irritation. If you already suffer from a condition such as canker sores, then it’s certainly worth trying a natural alternative. However, before you buy an SLS and Fluoride Free toothpaste, be sure to read the product description. This is because many natural products are not as natural as they claim to be.