Tea Tree Oil Guide

Tea tree essential oil is awesome. In addition to a wonderfully addictive smell, tea tree oil is probably the only product you could ever need for household disinfecting and skin infection issues. It’s even more effective than most chemical cleaners at disinfecting, purifying, and cleansing. There are so many different ways you can use it to make your life easier, cleaner, and healthier.


Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

First, tea tree oil is one of the most effective antibacterial, antiviral, and antimicrobial essential oils out there. It’s made up almost entirely of ‘terpinenes’, a natural chemical that is monstrously effective at killing anything microscopic, such as mold and germs.

The terpenines in tea tree oil, in addition to battling germs all over your house, are very effective at combating bacteria and germs on your skin as well. Tea tree oil has been shown to improve many skin disorders, from acne to cold sores to psoriasis. In fact, combined with lavender oil, tea tree oil is probably the most effective natural anti-acne remedy out there. The oil reduces the bacteria that leads to skin inflammation and is also effective when used in natural deodorants to reduce odor-causing bacteria that feed on sweat.

Tea tree oil can also be used to relieve respiratory tract infections. The earthy, menthol-like aroma is great in a steam bath, gently inhaled to soothe irritation and fight the infection. It can also be used, VERY diluted, as a mouthwash gargle. Only use a drop or two in 6 ounces of water.

In your home, tea tree oil is one of the best things that you can use to battle mold and mildew. Diluted with water, the oil can be sprayed or wiped on problem surfaces and left to dry. When wiped off again, the inactive mold is easily removed. Tea tree oil will continue to prevent further outbreaks as long as it is present on the surface. The smell is also distasteful to most bugs that would want to live in your house. You can spray it on any potential entry points to discourage insects from sharing your home.


It’s essential to note that the toxicity of tea tree oil on microscopic organisms does translate to larger organisms as well. Tea tree oil is toxic to humans and should never under any circumstance be ingested by people or their pets. A mouthwash gargle is fine, but it should always be spit out and rinsed. If swallowed the strong antibacterial properties of the oil will kill all of the necessary and beneficial microorganisms in your gut!

Cats have been known to have an issue with tea tree oil, even though people and dogs are equally susceptible, because of a cat’s tendency to groom and lick its fur. If their fur has been exposed to a lot of the oil, either directly or from excessive amounts being sprayed around it, then they will lick it off and get sick.

For the most part though, it’s not difficult to use tea tree oil effectively and safely. Basic precautions, such as leaving it out of the reach of animals and children and keeping it in sealed containers, are enough to make any risk negligible. So don’t fear! The benefits are far too great!

As with anything, if you’d like to try tea tree oil, either for homecare, a natural first aid kit, or for recurring skin issues, then it’s important to pick a reputable brand.

What to Look for in a Brand

Tea tree oil comes from an Australian tree similar to the Myrtle tree. The tree’s scientific name is Melaleuca alternifolia and the oil is also sometimes sold as ‘Melaleuca’. Unfortunately, this can be confusing because a related plant, ‘Melaleuca quinquenervia’, is also sometimes sold as ‘Melaleuca’. Because of this, it’s important to choose a brand that makes a clear distinction between the two.

In either one, the oil should be extracted from its leaves by steam distillation, the best process for retaining all of the natural qualities of an oil. Also, some tea trees have been introduced into other habitats, such as northern Florida, but the best tea tree oil is still sourced in Australia.

Almost any essential oil distributor will stock tea tree oil, because it’s an incredibly useful and popular oil. Many of these brands are not pure or properly extracted though, even if their labeling claims to be. It’s best to buy tea tree oil from a trusted source, such as Rocky Mountain Essential Oils.

Best Tea Tree Oil Brand

Rocky Mountain Oils Tea Tree Oil

Rocky Mountain Essential Oil’s tea tree oil comes from Australian trees and is steam distilled and tested for absolute purity, both within the company and by outside sources. In addition to being a great source for your tea tree oil, Rocky Mountain Essential Oils also makes a clear distinction between the two, sometimes confused, oils.

Rocky Mountain Essential oils calls the oil derived from the plant ‘Melaleuca alternifolia’ tea tree oil and the oil derived from the plant ‘Melaleuca quinquenervia’ niaouli oil. This distinction is incredibly helpful, because you know that when you are purchasing the pure tea tree oil, you are getting the right plant. Tea tree oil is much stronger than niaouli oil and is more effective for cleaning and clearing skin blemishes. However, niaouli oil is sometimes preferred for its more mild effect, especially on sensitive skin or children. It’s also sometimes preferred for respiratory problems as a mucus-loosener because it has a more floral and sweet aroma.
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So if you plan on buying, then Rocky Mountain Essential Oils is the best source. Their brand is indisputably from the correct plant, grown in its natural habitat. It is pure and potent.

Use it to disinfect your home, make your own hand sanitizer or antibiotic cream, relieve a respiratory infection, fight mold, discourage pests, refresh and disinfect your skin or deodorize your armpits. Whatever task or problem you are battling, tea tree oil is an awesome ally.